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The primary victory was an important step, but there is still a lot of work to do to gain victory in November. It is going to take a joint effort to defeat the Democratic incumbent Donald McEachin. McEachin is a failed leader and the people of the 4th District are looking for change, servant leadership and godly representation. The people of the 4th are worth fighting for and so is this great nation.

Together we can win and move this country forward! We need your help. (1) Go to our website and sign up to be a volunteer. We are a grassroots campaign and we want to build an army of volunteers. Click here to join the ranks: https://www.ryanmcadamsforcongress.com/volunteer

(2) Donate to the campaign. Every dollar counts and we need resources to get the message out and build our warchest. Click here to donate securely: https://secure.anedot.com/ryanmcadams/donate

(3) Host a meet and greet in your home or business. These are simple gatherings where your friends, neighbors and associates can come to meet Ryan and hear about the campaign. Click her to contact us: https://www.ryanmcadamsforcongress.com/contact_us

Share this post. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Let's raise the standard in the 4th!!


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