The Economy Is Booming

Our economy is booming and businesses are in need of qualified workers. This week I was able to visit OppInc. - an impressive workforce development site in Norfolk which is part of a network of centers that services the south eastern side of the 4th District, including Chesapeake, Suffolk and Southampton. This site also had a career services center solely focused on helping our veterans. Fantastic!! Workforce training and career development is a great investment not only toward individual lives for gainful employment, but also for our businesses to have the workers they need to grow and expand. And every person that is working is one less person on welfare benefits and one more person contributing to the economy and paying taxes. Thank you Shawn Avery for the tour and for the good work you are accomplishing!! A VOTE for Ryan McAdams is a vote for better jobs and economic growth! Let's help people get working - VOTE Ryan McAdams Nov. 6! #VOTEforGROWTH #Betterjobs#RyanMcAdamsForCongress


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