Tax Reforms Generates Bonuses for 40,000 Workers

Huntington Ingalls Industries (Newport News Shipyard) - the largest military shipbuilder in the United States - is planning a “generational” investment in their business and their employees. They are giving bonuses to all employees, adding $200 million to the pension fund, $100 million toward workforce development, $40 million in educational reimbursement, $300 million in capital investment, and tripling their corporate giving to the community. WOW!! This is all because of the Tax Cuts and Job Act! Bill Ermatinger, executive vice president of Huntington Ingalls, says, “Because of tax reform, we’re able to do a heck of a lot more than we thought we would. I can assure you: without tax reform, most of these things would not have been possible.” Don't let the naysayers tell you tax reform is not helping Virginians. The facts are obvious. VOTE for continued growth in the 4th District - VOTE Ryan McAdams on November 6th!
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