Wonderful opportunity to meet a hero of mine - Dr. Pat Robertson. Pat couldn't have been any more gracious to me and I so appreciate him speaking into me and my campaign with godly wisdom and insight. Dr. Robertson understands the need for principled leaders to be in government who have character and who will contend for the things that count - faith, family and freedom. VOTE November 6 for Ryan McAdams! #RaisetheStandard


Affordable Housing in The 4th District

Affordable housing is a major need in the 4th District. I had the tremendous opportunity to meet with Lynn McAteer (Vice President) and staff of the Better Housing Coalition of Richmond. The BHC is doing great work providing accessible and affordable housing to low to medium income individuals and families. At the Lincoln Mews location off Laburnum they are also providing career development and case management services, helping residents to get equipped for employment and career opportunities. This holistic approach is making a huge difference and needs to be expanded. I believe innovative concepts and housing designs are needed on the Federal level that will provide affordable housing, workforce training and other services to provide opportunity and a ladder up out of poverty and into meaningful work and prosperity. This is good for everyone. But it takes leadership. VOTE Ryan McAdams on November 6! #Wecandobetter#Raisethestandard



Vote For Small Business

Really enjoyed a Small Business Forum yesterday in Richmond conducted by the Office of Advocacy (part of Small Bus. Admin.). Thank you Dean Nelson and the Douglas Leadership Institute for hosting this event. Business owners shared about regulations and government practices that were hindering and hurting their businesses and also positive ideas and solutions to help Virginia businesses prosper. The Trump Administration has taken a proactive role in dealing with burdensome government and we are seeing the results. For every new regulation within the SBA (Small Bus. Admin.) approximately 22 are being cut. That is fantastic! We need to keep eliminating the things that are barriers to small businesses prospering. VOTE for small business economic growth and prosperity and VOTE Ryan McAdams on NOV 6!! #Voteforgrowth#RyanMcAdamsForCongress



Tax Reforms Generates Bonuses for 40,000 Workers

Huntington Ingalls Industries (Newport News Shipyard) - the largest military shipbuilder in the United States - is planning a “generational” investment in their business and their employees. They are giving bonuses to all employees, adding $200 million to the pension fund, $100 million toward workforce development, $40 million in educational reimbursement, $300 million in capital investment, and tripling their corporate giving to the community. WOW!! This is all because of the Tax Cuts and Job Act! Bill Ermatinger, executive vice president of Huntington Ingalls, says, “Because of tax reform, we’re able to do a heck of a lot more than we thought we would. I can assure you: without tax reform, most of these things would not have been possible.” Don't let the naysayers tell you tax reform is not helping Virginians. The facts are obvious. VOTE for continued growth in the 4th District - VOTE Ryan McAdams on November 6th!
Share the good news!
#Voteforgrowth #RyanMcAdamsForCongress


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U.S. - Mexico Trade Deal is a Win Win for Everyone

President Trump delivers on Trade Deal with Mexico!! For weeks the President has been working to fulfill one of his key campaign promises by renegotiating the NAFTA Trade Deal. Markets are skyrocketing because this is a huge grand slam for American industries, the American worker, and the American farmer. In fact, this is a win-win for all countries as the President negotiated for fair and equal trade that will boost the economies of all involved. This deal will mean an economy that will continue to grow and prosper Americans. We must keep the majority in the House of Representatives in the hands of Republicans - who will support and enact the President's trade policies. VOTE for economic growth and VOTE Ryan McAdams on November 6! #Voteforgrowth #RyanMcAdamsForCongress


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Chesterfield County Fair

Another great day meeting folks out at the Chesterfield County Fair. So many people taking material and ready for a change in the 4th District. Tell your neighbors and family: VOTE Ryan McAdams on November 6!! #RyanMcAdamsForCongress #Timeforachange


Americans Want Fair Justice System

Americans want fair justice in our judicial system and no one is above the law. The Mueller investigation is supposed to be about the charge of Russian collusion not tax issues from years before that have nothing to do with the Trump campaign or Russia. Here is my quote from the article in The Virginian Pilot:

"It's so far afield from what the (Mueller) investigation is really about. I think they're trying to find something to pin on the president," McAdams said. "I'm a huge supporter of the president. I don’t agree with everything he says, everything he does, everything he tweets. ... But I do believe he’s the man for the job."

Trump was fairly elected by the American people, so let's focus on the problems we face and how to solve them. I need your VOTE on NOVEMBER 6! #Raisethestandard #RyanMcAdamsForCongress


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Nansemond Powwow, Suffolk Virginia

The whole family loved spending time at the Nansemond Powwow today in Suffolk. The native tribes have endured tremendous injustice over the years since the founding of our nation and I am very happy the Nansemond received Federal recognition recently, along with five other Virginia tribes - including the Chickahominy (also in the 4th District). I will be a faithful advocate for the Virginia tribes in Congress, and working to help them will be a top priority - particularly with affordable housing, workforce training and educational opportunities. You can help them by voting Ryan McAdams on November 6.

Trump Is Winning

The Left is raging and Trump is winning. This is a good video identifying the present dynamics in politics - commentary from Michael Goodwin of the New York Post. Here is the link to the opinion piece that is referenced.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!! I love this nation and the greatness and genius of our founding. We celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the idea that all of us are given God-given rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". We have a Republic built upon the idea of a limited Federal Government that would protect our rights and promote the maximum amount of individual freedom and responsibility. I am reminded of what Benjamin Franklin said when he was asked if we had a monarchy or a republic. He responded with keen insight, "We have a republic - if you can keep it." Our form of government - a Constitutional Republic - is a fragile and tentative enterprise, because it is dependent on the active attention of the citizens to "keep" it going and alive. In a republic, it is not the government that is responsible, but "we the people". We are entrusted with liberty and keeping our freedoms. And our liberty, as the Founders understood, comes at a price. We live in a time when our way of life is under threat. Each and every patriot must be active and participating in the struggle to contend for liberty! As you celebrate and enjoy this most significant holiday, remember that your nation needs you to be engaged, to sacrifice, and to keep the flame of liberty lit. God bless you richly and God bless this great country!