Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!! I love this nation and the greatness and genius of our founding. We celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the idea that all of us are given God-given rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". We have a Republic built upon the idea of a limited Federal Government that would protect our rights and promote the maximum amount of individual freedom and responsibility. I am reminded of what Benjamin Franklin said when he was asked if we had a monarchy or a republic. He responded with keen insight, "We have a republic - if you can keep it." Our form of government - a Constitutional Republic - is a fragile and tentative enterprise, because it is dependent on the active attention of the citizens to "keep" it going and alive. In a republic, it is not the government that is responsible, but "we the people". We are entrusted with liberty and keeping our freedoms. And our liberty, as the Founders understood, comes at a price. We live in a time when our way of life is under threat. Each and every patriot must be active and participating in the struggle to contend for liberty! As you celebrate and enjoy this most significant holiday, remember that your nation needs you to be engaged, to sacrifice, and to keep the flame of liberty lit. God bless you richly and God bless this great country!


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