Balance The Budget

I care about the future of America and our children. I believe our leaders need to make tough decisions and deal with the rising tide of debt. This budget deal didn't help. While I agree that the military needs greater funding, I don't agree that we should pile on over 300 Billion in added spending, increasing our budget by 13%. When will the spending get under control if the Republicans won't fight for it? I agree with Congressman Dave Brat who said, “Now we’re going to do Democrat policy instead of Republican policy by increasing the budget $300 billion, right?...The Senate keeps waving shiny objects over there, and now we are having a budget fail, a 13 percent increase in the budget. When we are supposed to be reducing the deficits, we are going to have trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see." When are we going to stop playing politics and do the right thing for the American people?

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