Americans Want Fair Justice System

Americans want fair justice in our judicial system and no one is above the law. The Mueller investigation is supposed to be about the charge of Russian collusion not tax issues from years before that have nothing to do with the Trump campaign or Russia. Here is my quote from the article in The Virginian Pilot:

"It's so far afield from what the (Mueller) investigation is really about. I think they're trying to find something to pin on the president," McAdams said. "I'm a huge supporter of the president. I don’t agree with everything he says, everything he does, everything he tweets. ... But I do believe he’s the man for the job."

Trump was fairly elected by the American people, so let's focus on the problems we face and how to solve them. I need your VOTE on NOVEMBER 6! #Raisethestandard #RyanMcAdamsForCongress


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